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Beginner Guide for Rolling Better Joints

The Smoking Paper

There are numerous ways of rolling a perfect joint. One can roll big or small joints depending on their preference. There are important requirements for one to roll a joint. These are rolling papers, a herb grinder, rolling tips, a herb which could be cannabis, a pen to help pack the joint. The following steps will take you through the process and you will be rolling perfect joints in no time.

Grinding the cannabis: Why grind your cannabis? The foremost thing to begin with is to breakdown your cannabis using the grinder. If the cannabis is not grinded, it causes a horrible smoke and creates an uneven burn. Grinding the weed into smaller particles allows the cannabis to burn out completely as you smoke. Dried cannabis breaks down with ease. A grinder fastens the grinding process and also prevents hands from getting sticky. In case you do not have a grinder you can grind it down by hand.

Place the rolling tips on the rolling paper: A rolling tip is also known as a filter or a clutch. A clutch is very important when smoking a joint because it acts as a filter to the herb. It ensures airflow, prevents burning of the fingertips and keeps the herb out of your mouth. One can use a ready one or hand make it. Most of rolling paper come with crutch material in hand. When hand making, one can use a cardboard or a car. Make a few folds at the end, place your clutch material and roll according to the thickness of your joint.

Fill your rolling paper with cannabis: Fill in the rolling paper which has a rolling tip with the cannabis, evenly distributing it. Most people rush this process, it should be carried out with keenness for a perfect joint. If the herb is not evenly dispersed, the process of rolling the joint would become complicated. Once you have placed enough herb, begin to form and shape the joint with your fingers.

Roll the joint: This step might be the most challenging one for a beginner. It requires a slight touch between the fingertips rolling it back and forth until the cannabis falls into a cone shape. You need to take your time here as it is the most important step of joint rolling. If the joint does not form a cylindrical shape that holds on its own, keep rolling and compressing.

Lick and seal: This final step determines the quality of the joint. It seals and tightens the joint making it burn slowly and in a smooth way. Lick the top edge of the rolling paper and start sealing. The sealing should be started off from the rolling tip leaving an open space at the other tip. Finish with a firm poke and a twist. Enjoy your joint.

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