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The Ultimate Guide to Choose the Right Rolling Paper for You

The Smoking Paper

Definitely, each step in the creative process is important, from obtaining the weed to purchasing the best rolling papers for your purposes, mastering your rolling style, and inhaling deeply from the first drag of your freshly created weed.

However, there are also a plethora of rolling papers including Hemp rolling papers and a plethora of accessories to enhance the experience. So choosing the right rolling paper for your next 4:20 session will make or ruin your session. If you want to get the most bang out of your next puffing session, here's all you need to know about rolling papers.

  • Size: The size of rolling paper you need depends on what you'll be smoking and how you'll be smoking it. Our sheets are available in a variety of sizes, including 1 1/4 and King Size. One of the most common sizes is one-and-one-quarter-inch (1 1/4") rolling papers. They are similar in size to a normal cigarette once rolled (with a slightly more conical shape). For parties of one to three people, one-and-one-quarter inch rolling papers are an excellent choice. If you plan on puffing and passing with a larger group of smokers (four or five), you'll need a king-sized paper. More tokes and better airflow are possible with king-size Hemp rolling papers, which are also simpler to handle than smaller joints.
  • Flavor: Definitely, you may become distracted by the variety of flavored rolling papers available now that you know what size to get. If you prefer your cannabis with a citrus zing or a subtle hint of blueberry, you can boost the terpenes by wrapping it in an appropriately flavored paper. In the marijuana community, the flavor of rolling papers is a major topic. Therefore, while certain branded kinds do add to the sensory experience of smoking a joint, others have been known to affect the taste and, in some cases, your health. However, keep in mind that flavored papers burn faster, requiring you to set a timeframe for your smoking session. On the other hand, flavored papers significantly improve the sensory experience of dried out or foul-smelling cannabis. Click here to find high quality Wire Rolling Papers you won’t need to worry about the side effects.

Step by step method of rolling a joint like a pro!

  • Begin by creating the filter. This does not filter the smoke, but it helps keep it flowing smoothly and prevents lip burn on the last puff. Your filter can be made out of any thin, bendable cardboard.
  • Place your rolling paper on the table long-ways with the glue side up. The adhesive strip that is furthest away from you should be the longest. Keep the adhesive strip close to you and don't get turned around because in the end, this will make things difficult.
  • Crush a couple of buds of your favorite strain and scatter them down the center of the Hemp Rolling Papers (lengthwise). Make sure there's some space around the edges.
  • Take the closest side to you (it shouldn't have any adhesive on it), fold it over the bud slightly, and begin rolling everything into a tube.
  • After you've finished rolling a tube, lick the adhesive strip and push it against the exposed rolling paper (gently). Then, without the filter, twist the end to retain all of the canna-goodness within. Then light up and enjoy!

If you ever wanted to enjoy puffing sessions but didn’t know where to start from, just use the above simple and useful tips to find the right products for you. is determined to provide what is best for you, visit the website in case of inquiries.

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